The Speak Logic Forum

In everyday life we connect to each other through communication, which allows us to work together to execute functions. We at The Speak Logic Project realize the importance of communication and the importance of our communication interface, for this reason we setup this forum to enable users to interact to each other. Click on the link below to access The Speak Logic Forum

The Speak Logic Forum

The Daily Error Log

The Daily Error Log is a part of The Speak Logic Forum where information and communications are analyzed daily. Given that information and communication about an entity point to and depend on that entity, the presentation of information about an entity enables us to understand it better.

The Daily Error Log provides us the opportunity to analyze information and communication in the media, so that we can understand them better. Any forum user can report or log specific communications or information. In order to focus on our analysis on a daily basis, we try to keep the limit to 10 per day, where the most analyzed appear on top. To get access to The Daily Error Log, simply click on the link below.

The Daliy Error Log